"We contracted with A New Home Estate Sales after selling our home and downsizing. We were surprised how much advance effort went into the preparation. Stan and Susan spent 4 days about 5 hours each day the week before the sale setting up the house and preparing items to be sold. Susan photographed every item to post on their website. This included approximately 200 vinyl LP albums. Susan did the research and priced each and every LP according to its worth. The LPs turned out to be the hottest seller!
Most importantly, Stan and Susan brought attendees and interested buyers to the sale. The sale was scheduled to start at 9:00 AM, but attendees began arriving at 7:30 AM thanks to their marketing efforts. There were attendees in the house browsing and buying items constantly throughout the weekend. There was hardly a moment when the house was empty!
We participated in the sale, which I understand is a bit unusual. It turned out to be an enjoyable 2 days. Stan and Susan are just a pleasure to work with. They are both personable and knowledgeable. They priced every item in advance, negotiated with buyers when necessary, and ultimately we sold almost every single item that was up for sale. They took the stress and emotion of parting with long held items and family heirlooms out of the equation for us.
We highly recommend A New Home Estate Sales.
Jerry and Judi F."

"After interviewing and researching multiple estate sale companies I chose A New Home Estate Sales. I was impressed with Stan and Susan. They were very professional and competent. My daughter and I were present for the 2 day sale and at the end I knew I had chosen the best company. I highly recommend A New Home Estate Sales. Linda C."

"Thank you Sue, Stan, and sons! I can't tell you how much we appreciate how you handle the sale of my mother's belongings today. It was really important to feel that we could trust you entirely to handle everything for the sale, from the first visit to the cleanup! That's priceless! We recommend A New Home Estate Sales enthusiastically! Kim and Gladys"

"We recently sold our house and had an estate sale. We hired Stan and Susan from New Home Estate Sales. The sale was two days and went extremely smooth with a large net profit and 99% of all items sold. I have never met a more proficient, courteous, meticulous, prepared, hard working, and downright nice couple ever.
I would recommend their services at every level,
Cliff & Janice M. Former East Hanover Residents"

"Let me start off by saying that liquidating a lifetime of accumulated items is no small task. One does not realize the herculean nature of that task until you are confronted with it and have a deadline to accomplish it. This is where Susan and Stan (A New Home Estate Sales) enter the picture. Lorna contacted Susan one month prior to when we were to close on the sale of the house. This was short notice, but Susan and Stan were able to help us. They scheduled the estate sale for the weekend of July 22 & 23, only three weeks after our first contact and one week prior to closing. Both Susan and Stan worked for four evenings before the sale setting up the displays of items and pricing each item. They were very professional in their approach and many times approached us about an item to get a sense of the value. Mostly, they searched the internet to establish a fair price. On more than one occasion, they found personal items that they brought to us to ensure that we did indeed want to sell the item. This sensitivity, in my mind, set them apart from being strictly a business arrangement. During the sale, they staffed the house with their people to watch over the items of value, they limited access to the house to small groups and controlled the entry to the house. We were very pleased with the outcome of the sale and the sensitivity with which it was conducted. Susan and Stan are lovely people with a good sense of humor and pleasant demeanor. I would recommend them to anyone who might be faced with the task of selling a lifetime of items. A New Home Estate Sales does it with efficiency, sensitivity, and fairness.

"I just wanted to thank you both again for handling my mom's estate sale. Stan ( the workhorse ) and Susan ( the brains ) of the company worked tirelessly to make our sale a success. I interviewed a lot of potentials, both in person and over the phone, you folks were by far the most professional and understanding of our situation. In addition you did things "a little differently" which I found refreshing compared to the typical estate sales company. Your knowledge of the many different items my mom had collected over the years and what they could potentially sell for on the open market was quite impressive. Also, as you mentioned in the contract, you addressed any concerns I brought up quickly and honestly. Both my brother and I, while not being the most sentimental people, appreciated the attention you gave to any personal items you found. I must admit, I was a little apprehensive turning over the keys to my mother's empty house to what were basically complete strangers, but, your honesty and integrity were always on display. Even when discussing your fees, which were very reasonable when compared to others, who wanted more money for advertising, or hiring extra help or the fact that some places required a GUARANTEED minimum profit before they would even consider taking the sale ! In the end, I actually felt badly that your "net" didn't seem to compensate you for all the work you did....the least I can do is avail myself to any potential clients you may have that would like to contact me as a reference. Thanks again and much success in the future.
Mitch B."

"Dear Stan and Susan,
Thanks for taking care of me in my time of need. My wife had passed away ,and i have been living in my home alone for the passed five years.I finally made the decision to move on with my life after living in our only home for the past forty five years.to part with everything we accumulated in that time was not an easy decision.When i first spoke to Stan and Susan i new i made the right choice,i let you guys handle everything and got out of your way.I thought you guy's would sell a few items,and i would have to pay someone to remove the rest.to my surprise just about everything in my home was gone,with just about nothing left for me to do.I can't thank you enough for help making my move so easy for me . Once again thank you,really nice to do business with such a nice and trustworthy couple
Anthony M."

"Dear Susan and Stan,
I have actually been meaning to write this email for quite some time, but my daily life keeps getting in the way. Smile I would like to share my experience with others who may be considering your services; you may feel free to use this as a “Letter of Recommendation” and also share my email address should they wish to contact me for further information. As you may remember, my parents lived in Allentown, were well traveled and had a very active social life resulting in quite a number of collectible items. Contributing to this as well was the fact that my father had many, many varied interests and this also led to more items of interest. All this in no small part to the fact that he had held the position of Captain in the U.S. Navy and remained in the Naval Reserves until his death in 2002. My parents also made Washington, D.C. their home for 8 years while my father served as an Assistant Secretary of Navy, most of which was during John Warner’s tenure. The items they collected were not just there to look at, but were beloved treasures they never tired of sharing and talking about. My father even wrote articles for The Pottsville Republican and the Allentown Morning Call regaling in stories about current events as well as during the wars he served in (WWII, Korean War and Viet Nam), although in an advisory capacity during the Viet Nam era. It was with great sadness that we had to let go of my parents’ life treasures (as you also remember many collectibles were given to museums), but what I most want people to know is the reverence in which you handled and researched so many of the items. Indeed, based on your unselfish urging, there were a couple of letters and deeds given to historical organizations. What we did give up for sale was priced honestly and fairly by you after I know you spent many hours researching.
Last, but not least, was the fact that we live in Florida and whomever we employed to conduct the sale of estate items had to have our complete and utter trust. You certainly proved to be very worthy of our trust; you never let us down nor did we ever doubt your honesty. You were more than we hoped for and I want you to feel free to use any part of the email as a testament to our complete satisfaction in selecting you to represent and handle our parent’s estate.
Sincerely, Sue N."

"When we first contacted A New Home, we didn't know what to expect. We were overwhelmed with the amount of items in my father's house. They organized all the stuff in the house to get ready for the estate sale (no small task). If they came across something personal, they set it aside for us. The sale went off without a hitch. All in all this was a very positive experience for us. Thanks A New Home Estate Sales."

"I just wanted to thank you for all that you've done for me with my late Aunt Minnie's "Estate Sale". I really don't know what I would've done if it weren't for you! You came to her house and looked at everything thoroughly & I mean thoroughly! You found so many beautiful things that I never knew she had. You took all the worry out of everything I thought I had to do in order to prepare her home for the upcoming sale. I thought I had to clean, move things, etc. but you did everything for me. I was unable to be there the day of the Estate Sale but you did an excellent job. You sold a great many of her things (furniture, collectibles, dishes, chairs, office supplies, books, etc. etc. & etc. We made a lot of money thanks to all your hard work & I can't thank you enough! If you ever need a reference I would be more than happy if you have them contact me. It is the least I could do for you for "ALL THAT YOU'VE DONE FOR ME"!!!!! With sincere appreciation, Renee' R."

"Thanks for making our estate sale a very successful and pleasurable experience. Initially we had many questions about the process, what we could get for our 'stuff', and lots of anxiety. You were very helpful in explaining everything from the staging to the pricing to the actual sale. You also helped us think through what we needed to do ourselves to have a very successful event. We appreciate the amount of time you spent with us going through the estate and setting our expectations on what to expect. We are very happy with the result of the sale and have already recommended you to our real estate agent and friends we know will be going through the process in the future. Very best regards, Joe and Donna G."

"A New Home did a wonderful job for my mother this weekend! Sue, Stan and their sons are excellent, organized, and effective representatives for the sellers--And very caring, warm people! I can't imagine having anyone else sell my estate when my time comes."

"Thank you Susan, the very same to you and Stan. I found your check today in my mailbox, must have come yesterday. Thanks so much, and for all the time you spent getting my sales up and completed! I Hope you have a prosperous winter! Stay well, and again many thanks for connecting me with your dealer and auction friends It meant a great deal... Best, Carolyn"

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